PDFs Suck

PDFs leave your customers with a bad taste in their mouth.

Why are restaurants switching from PDFs to TableTab?

Simple visual scrolling

With our picture-oriented, mobile-friendly menus, guests don't have to pinch and zoom in on low quality PDFs.

Smart and informative

Automatically show guests the right menu at the right time, polished with images and your preferred modifiers.

Direct ordering feature

Our menus are pretty smart - if you want, guests can click on whichever items they like and order it immediately.

Wait, can TableTab really replace PDF menus or menus on my website?

Putting a menu on a PDF is like serving wine in a mug. It damages the quality of your menu, literally. We built TableTab to do the opposite - to heighten the quality of your menu and elevate the guest experience by doing so. We're the glass you pour your best wine into.

Is a digital menu really better for the guest?

Your PDF is already digital, just hosted in a document. That's what makes it especially difficult to use. Our menus are freed from being constrained in a document, giving them special powers like beautiful visuals, easy navigation, and real-time updates. It's the best kind of menu a guest can have.

“With TableTab, it feels like providing a private dining experience to each party.”

Head Server

Isn’t having a mobile-friendly menu expensive?

Not with us. You can set up your mobile-friendly menu without paying a penny. Really.

But our operation prides itself on service and hospitality... won’t contactless ordering detract from that?

It may sound contradictory, but our partners will tell you their service improved through us. How? Freeing up staff from handling order and payment puts focus entirely on great service (often resulting in higher tips), while keeping overhead low in the process.

I already have a online ordering platform for delivery and takeout.... can’t I just use that for dine-in?

We’d caution against it. Unlike takeout and delivery platforms, we built TableTab with dine-in operations and incremental spend in mind. Guests order limitless times instantly under a digital tab that charges their card at the end of the meal. It’s a better experience for your guest and a more profitable one for you.

I’m worried if people use mobile payment, they may use fraudulent credit cards or simply walkout.

Our payment partner, Stripe, offers the highest level fraud detection and payment security. Additionally, we place a hold on a guest's card when they begin an order and automatically charge it when they finish their meal. With TableTab, walkouts are a thing of the past!


In a nutshell, why us?

We built TableTab to improve your guest’s experience and increase your restaurant’s efficiency and safety. PDF’s hinder great guest experiences and leave uncaptured incremental spend sitting at the table. Switch today and see what you’ve been missing.

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