Mobile Order & Pay
For Restaurants

Facilitate better guest experiences and increase your bottom line.

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Mobile order and payment from the table.

TableTab makes serving your guests safer, simpler, and more profitable.


View digital menu

Best-in-class digital menus let your guests feast with their eyes.


Tap to order

One tap is all it takes to place an order and begin a digital tab.


Add to the tab

Capture incremental spend the very second your guests want to order again.


How does the guest pay?

We pre-authorize the credit card on file when an order is placed. The card is charged automatically once the guest has left. No walkouts or payment hassle for servers.

Digital Ordering

Easy, visual, and personal
clickable menus.

Our digital menus are best-in-class. Superior to PDFs, and styled for the hungry eye, there is no better menu you can give your guests.

Automated Upselling

Engineered to upsell around guests' dining preferences.

Visual Content

Pics of menu items will elevate your offerings and have guests salivating.

Friendly Customizations

Personal customizations to satisfy every guest.

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Contactless Payment

Forget handling payment.
Focus on service.

We handle payment automatically - no need to handle cash or cards with TableTab. Keep that server-to-table ratio high with great service.

Split Checks No More

Save time and eliminate frustration for your FOH team.

Refunds Made Easy

Orders can be 86'd and refunded to the guest as done traditionally.

Quick Payouts

Recieve your TableTab payouts within 48 hours.

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Cassava's story is one of resiliency. At risk of permanent closure in 2017, the community rallied behind the Balboa Street staple. Today is no different, as Cassava and others are ready to bounce back with TableTab behind them.

Cassava, Outer Richmond, San Francisco

Operational Features

Tools to keep things

Managing TableTab isn't just easy - it's fun. With features requested by restaurants, mobile dining comes without hassle.

Menu Management

Control items seen by guests, test new items, upsell by position, add daily specials with ease, and more.

QR Code Management

We link, supply, and manage QR codes for you. Nothing to worry about here.

Custom Workflow

We can work with any operation and align our platform to your existing workflow.

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The men behind Ivy & Coney won't let the pandemic keep them down. In addition to serving guests with TableTab, they're serving other local restaurants with their own delivery company, DC ToGoGo.

Ivy & Coney, Shaw, Washington D.C.

Social Features

Align to the behaviors of next-gen diners.

Bouncing back means attracting students and young professionals ten times over. We do that for you.

Instagram Sharing

What if everytime someone posted a picture on instagram your restaurant is guaranteed to be tagged? That's what we do.

Rewards Program

TableTab Rewards promotes enagagement at no cost to your establishment.

Events Coming Soon

Upsell your events and allow dine-in guests to pre-pay from the table, because your greatest efforts deserve the greatest exposure.

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Boston Burger Company is a local landmark for college students and locals alike. With creativity at the core of their offering, the co-owners saw TableTab's platform as a channel to represent their crazy-looking menu items.

Boston Burger Company, Davis Square, Greater Boston

Marketing Features - Coming Soon

Connect with your guests
anytime, anywhere.

From collecting feedback to bringing guests back, you've never been more connected to your customers. All part of the package.

App Notifications

There's no higher engagement channel than app notifications - and TableTab gives you full access.

Text Messages

Turn your restaurant into your guest's foodie friend using our text messaging channel.


Add TableTab guests to your email lists and keep them informed with know what's going on.

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One standard plan. Pay for what you use. All features included.

As low as
$ 0.29 /cover
Credit Card Processing Fee: 30¢ + 2.9% per transaction

Limited Time Offer

Waived: $300 setup fee
Bonus: Free Menu Setup ($200 value)

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