Mobile Order & Pay

Restaurants nationwide are using TableTab's mobile order and payment software to operate the most personalized, safe, efficient, and high-margin dining experience.


Your entire front-of-house operation run digitally.

We bring together everything needed to run a front of house operation that is safe and profitable. TableTab's mobile dining system powers on-premise orders with clickable menus and contactless pay.We help restaurants manage tables or lines hassle-free by eliminating walkouts, stabilizing staffing, improving turn times, capturing orders instantly, and much more.
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Use Case

Full Service Restaurants

Mitigate staffing problems
TableTab acts as a digital server - at the table the entire time to show menu items and take orders the moment your guest is ready. Lean on us to increase your server-to-table ratio and lower cost.
Turn tables faster
With limited dine-in capacity, you need to turn tables fast without pressuring guests. That's where we come in. By eliminating time waiting to order and pay, tables can be turned in <75 minutes.
Capture incremental spend
Over 70% of guests order multiple times with TableTab while dining. Your guests can finally order that extra drink when they want it. And it's all to your financial benefit.
Stay healthy
Protect guests and staff with mobile order and pay so you can operate confidently into the future. Bonus: support environmental health (and save money) by ditching printed menus.

“TableTab allows us to serve guests safely mainly by cutting out payment transaction. Guests can also see the photos on menu which is hard to do on paper everyday. Cherry on top is that the team has impeccable service.”

Yuka Ioroi
Owner, Cassava

Why TableTab?

This is what we bring to the table

Super quick, hospitality-level service that lets you focus on other things.
So simple that every age group has used us proficiently. We make technology inclusive.
A visual, picture-oriented design that will keep your guests glued to the menu.
Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime with 100% of orders processed & paid out.

Table Talk

Restaurants from across the country

Resiliency on Balboa St.

At risk of permanent closure in 2017, the Outer Richmond community rallied behind the neighborhood staple. Today is no different, as Cassava and others are bouncing back with TableTab behind them.

Cassava, San Francisco

Bringing Culture to Manhattan

As the first & only Somali Restaurant in New York City, Safari enriches its community with an abundance of Somali food - from Hilib Ari to Malab Iyo Malawax - shown beautifully via their TableTab-powered ordering menu.

Safari, NYC

Diversifying Delivery in DC

The men behind Ivy & Coney will not let the pandemic keep them down. In addition to serving guests with TableTab, they are serving other local restaurants with their own delivery company, DC ToGoGo.

Ivy & Coney, Washington DC

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