Safety = Stability

Leverage our suite of contactless offerings to protect staff and guests and maintain a stable operation.

Contactless Menus
Mobile menus that are easy to read and interact with.
Contactless Ordering
Guests can safely order from your mobile menu when ready.
Contactless Payment
Take automatic payments when guests order on your menu.
Contactless Management
Manage your contactless operation safely without hassle.

Contactless Features

Multi-Functional Mobile Menus

A beautiful overview of your offerings
Avoid the need to pass around physical menus, save money on printing, and show off the best version of your offerings by adopting our engaging, informative, and beautiful mobile menus.
Ordering functionality
Avoid unnecessary contact, capture more sales, increase spending, and improve your quality of service by activating our ordering functionality so guests can order directly from your mobile menu.

From health officials

How to make your restaurant safe for staff & guests

Encourage customers to view menus online (e.g., on their own smartphone or electronic device), place orders online or allow for contactless order, payment where possible.

Encourage customers to use touchless payment options and sanitize any pens or other equipment after each use.

This solves my health and safety concerns. How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Create your TableTab account, import your menu, and give it a try.

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