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From labor management to walkout prevention to maintaining a contactless operation, our software is built to solve your most pressing problems.

Labor Management
Mitigate front-of-the-house labor fluctuations
Service Quality
Upgrade your team's quality of service
Walkout Prevention
Secure payment for every order, guaranteed
Health Guidelines
Adopt best practices to keep staff and guests safe
Multi-Vendor Ops
Automate all payments and accounting between vendors
Menu Changes
Update your menu in real-time without re-printing
Integrated Printing
Fire orders to your existing printers
Human Error Prevention
Prevent mistakes made on table orders and/or payment

Solving Staffing Shortages

With industry instability, health risks, and stimulus checks, you are likely experiencing difficulty finding people willing to work at your restaurant. TableTab solves your staffing shortage by positioning your existing front-of-house to cover more tables at once, preventing your need to rehire.

your server-to-table ratio
With TableTabWithout TableTab
lower overhead

Improving Quality of Service

TableTab's mobile order and payment software frees your staff from running between tables and the POS. Eliminating back-and-forth trips keeps your staff floating between tables upselling, keeping glasses full, and ensuring all your guests are taken care of.

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Customer profile user interface

Reducing Labor Expenditures

Because TableTab helps your front-of-house staff handle a higher number of tables, you can lower the amount of staff you need to rehire. This has a compounding effect, not just saving you money on labor, but also lowering your expenses on payroll taxes and other costs of employment.

estimated annual labor savings

Labor Savings Calculator

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Estimated Annual Labor Savings


Boosting Staff Wellbeing

TableTab boosts your staff wellbeing in multiple ways. Our contactless solution protects staff and keeps everyone healthy. Our mobile order and payment software allows staff to spend more time interacting with guests. And with higher server to table ratios, staff will collect more money in tips.

- Eric & Iris, Kio Ramen
"We highly recommend TableTab."
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Contactless Features

Multi-Functional Mobile Menus

A beautiful overview of your offerings
Avoid the need to pass around physical menus, save money on printing, and show off the best version of your offerings by adopting our engaging, informative, and beautiful mobile menus.
Ordering functionality
Avoid unnecessary contact, capture more sales, increase spending, and improve your quality of service by activating our ordering functionality so guests can order directly from your mobile menu.

Pricing & Next Steps

No hidden fees. No commitments.

Our pricing packages are designed to be inclusive of your operation. We reward greater usage of our platform with lower transaction fees. Choose the package that works best for you or contact us if you have any questions. Please note: transaction fees can be passed along to the guest.

Package*Monthly Fee0-1000 Tabs1000+ TabsPickup/TakeoutSupport
StarterFree$1.29$0.99$49/monthEmail SupportGet Started
Pro$199$0.89$0.49FreeEmail & Chat SupportGet Started
Premium$499$0.00 (Free)$0.39FreeDedicated Account ManagerGet Started

*We charge a monthly fee and a small flat fee per tab. Guests can add to their tab as many times as they want. The per-tab fee can be passed along to the guest.

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