Breweries & Beer Gardens

Handling high volume is even better when you have time to interact with customers. TableTab ensures you can do both with confidence.

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Open-Tab Ordering
Guests start a tab, add to it at anytime, and automatically close out. No app or account needed.
Labor Management
Mitigate front-of-the-house labor fluctuations to effectively service your full venue.
Multi-Vendor Ops
Automate all order printing and payment accounting between vendors, like visiting food trucks.
Menu Changes
Update menus in real time so guests can see up to date offerings without re-printing.

One screen to increase spending, volume, service, and safety.

A simple solution that opens up a world of opportunity takes only 30 minutes to take live.


We combine a mobile tab...

Collect orders from anywhere, anytime, all the time.
TableTab's mobile ordering platform allows guests to order instantly and endlessly through their phone without needing the attention of your staff. All staff need to do is prepare for higher volume and safely interact with guests.

Bring your brand to guests' fingertips.

You care about brand. So do we. Our mobile menus are fundamentally designed to showoff the best version of your offerings through imagery and description always available.

...with automatic payment.

One payment transaction for all orders
We preauthorize guests' payment method when they open a tab, update the hold with each additional order, and charge it when guest is done. Just like traditional tabs, but now your staff can focus solely on service.
100% Walkout-proof
Orders are only sent to your staff if guests' payment information is validated during the pre-authorization process. With every TableTab order received, there's more money in your account, guaranteed.

Digital Mobile Menus

Your menu is your brand.

Get a free upgrade.

Words can make your drinks sound good, but seeing is believing.
Ensure your guests can easily read and navigate your menu.
Provide descriptions, list modifiers, suggest pairings, etc.
Show the right menu at the right time with live updates.

Operational Tools

Management Dashboard

Menu Management
We combine beautiful design and intuitive logic with features specific to a digital menu. Easily import pictures, control multiple menus, take items offline, assign modifiers, make changes that reflect instantly for the guest, and so much more.

QR Code Library

Automatically generate, assign, download, and print QR codes directly from your TableTab account. Guests who scan our QR codes will go directly to your digital menu without having to create an account or download an app.

Operational Tools

Order Manager

Receive all of your TableTab orders via an app on any tablet. Designed to handle high volume operations.

  • Connect with your printers
  • Skip manual order entry to reduce errors
  • Easily 86 order items that will refund the guest instantly
  • Assign tablets to table numbers for larger operations
  • See one consolidated ticket for orders from a table
Tab management interface

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