Full-Service Bars & Restaurants

Your restaurant believes in the need for human interaction. So do we. TableTab, originally designed for full-service restaurants, empowers your business to serve customers like never before.

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Focus on what you do best
We handle order and payment so you can facilitate experiences .
Skip the rehiring process
Maintain a lean and flexible operation with quality service.
Safety means stability
Protect your staff and guests without compromising service.
Simplify your operation
One dashboard for menus & QR codes. One tablet to get orders.

“With TableTab, it feels like providing a private dining experience to each party.”

Alan Buhtz
Head Server, Cassava

Empowering hospitality with technology.

Here's how we deliver the best-in-class mobile tableside ordering system for full-service restaurants.


Mobile Tab System

Eliminate work that distracts from the guest
Guests order and pay through their phone throughout their dining experience so your servers can spend more time on the floor floating between tables and facilitating memorable experiences.

Payment is no longer a hassle

Guests order sequentially by adding to their mobile tab. Payment methods are preauthorized when tabs open and automatically charged when closed to avoid time and friction spent on payment.

Customer profile user interface
tipping average
orders per tab
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Digital Mobile Menus

Interactive Mobile Menus

Get the conversation going
Your mobile menu is a visual feed of your offerings. Servers can guide guests through the menu with confidence. Guests can feel confident about their orders and keep your menu on hand, literally.
First impressions matter
In addition to featuring images, modifiers, and more, your menu can be updated in real-time to ensure guests see the most up-to-date version for a smooth and engaging ordering experience.

Operational Tools

Management Dashboard

Menu Management
We combine intuitive design and simple logic with features specific to a digital menu. Easily import pictures, control multiple menus, take items offline, assign modifiers, make changes that reflect instantly for the guest, and so much more.

QR Code Library

Automatically generate, assign, download, and print QR codes directly from your TableTab account. Guests who scan our QR codes will go directly to your digital menu without having to create an account or download an app.

Operational Tools

Order Manager

Receive all of your TableTab orders on one central tablet.

  • Connect with your printers
  • Skip manual order entry to reduce errors
  • Easily 86 order items that will refund the guest instantly
  • Assign tablets to table numbers for larger operations
  • See one consolidated ticket for orders from a table
Tab management interface

Ready to bring TableTab to your business?Let's get started.

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