The operational model for restaurants is outdated.
We updated it.

COVID-19 exposed a business model many know is out of date. Restaurants use TableTab's mobile order and payment software to run a business that works for the long-term.


Bars & Breweries

Counter Service



An all-in-one contactless mobile ordering system.

We bring together everything needed to run a better front of house operation that is safe and profitable. TableTab's mobile ordering system captures orders with clickable menus and contactless pay.
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There's no staff turnover with TableTab.

Staffing has never been more painful, expensive, and unpredictable. TableTab lets your restaurant avoid rehiring and maintain a lean operation while improving your quality of service and bottom line.

Save on Labor
TableTab helps your servers cover more tables at once, reducing your need to rehire.
Increase Spending
Guests open a tab when they place their first order and can add to the tab whenever they want to.
Stay healthy
A contactless ordering system eliminates the spread of germs while still facilitating a service-oriented experience.

“TableTab allows us to serve guests safely mainly by cutting out payment transaction. Guests can also see the photos on menu which is hard to do on paper everyday. Cherry on top is that the team has impeccable service.”

Yuka Ioroi
Owner, Cassava


We're management material.

Tab Management

Simple Interface for Guests
When guests place their first order, they start a tab. Guests add to their tab by ordering more during the dining experience. If a guests forgets to close their tab when done, we do so automatically.
Consolidated Tickets for Staff
Rather than create a ticket for every single order placed from a table, we consolidate all table orders under one ticket. Tickets are updated automatically as guests place additional orders.

Why TableTab?

This is what we bring to the table:

Super quick, hospitality-level service that lets you focus on other things.
Our tabs are easy to order from for guests and easy to manage for your staff.
A visual, picture-oriented design that will keep your guests hungry for more.
Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime with 100% of orders processed & paid out.

Table Talk

Restaurant partners from across the country

Resiliency on Balboa St.

At risk of permanent closure in 2017, the Outer Richmond community rallied behind the neighborhood staple. Today is no different, as Cassava and others are bouncing back with TableTab behind them.

Cassava, San Francisco

Adding Culture to Manhattan

As the first & only Somali Restaurant in New York City, Safari enriches its community with an abundance of Somali food - from Hilib Ari to Malab Iyo Malawax - shown beautifully via their TableTab-powered ordering menu.

Safari, NYC

Diversifying Delivery in DC

The men behind Ivy & Coney will not let the pandemic keep them down. In addition to serving guests with TableTab, they are serving other local restaurants with their own delivery company, DC ToGoGo.

Ivy & Coney, Washington DC

Pricing & Next Steps

No Commissions. No Commitments.

A complete digital dine-in operation with free mobile menus and free QR code hosting and management.

On-boarding Process