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We are a collaborative point-of-sale system.

We make it easy for merchants to operate together

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What's a "collaborative" point-of-sale?

TableTab is a system that connects multiple merchants together to serve the same customers. We do this by streamlining the payment experience between merchants while letting each merchant do their own thing. TableTab increases revenue, reduces labor costs, and improves the hospitality experience for all.

What does TableTab do?

TableTab allows your guests to order from multiple businesses on one tab, while keeping each operation fully independent.
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Streamlined guest experience.

Guests start one tab and can order - and order again - from each seller's menu.
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Separated order flows.

Items on a tab are separated by seller and sent to sellers' tablets or printers for fulfillment.
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Automated accounting.

Sales, tax, and tip are separated by item and sent to the sellers' bank accounts.
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Collaboration is powerful.

Streamlined payments

Ready to revolutionize the customer experience?

One of the biggest frustrations customers experience when visiting multiple businesses is needing to go through separate checkout experiences. It is a redundant task that takes time away from the purpose of the visit and disincentivizes a second round of spending.

Streamlining payments empowers guests to order from multiple businesses at once, without changing a business's fulfillment process. The result is a faster, more convenient payment process incentivizing greater spending and improving the customer experience.
Shared menus

An organized library of items available for ordering.

When collaborating with other businesses, similar to the frustrations of separate checkout experiences, it is also frustrating to identify different menus spread across a given venue. Customers have to move around and see what's available to them, and have to order from different menus separately.

Sharing menus is at the heart of any collaborative ecosystem. Sharing menus allow guests to see all offerings in one place, and can order between multiple menus on a single tab. Our software ensures items on a tab are split and sent to each business separately.
Automated scheduling

Stop texting back-and-forth, once and for all.

From dealing with last minute cancellations to informing customers of any change in plans, scheduling businesses to collaborate with is a nightmare.

Our collaborative ecosystem automates scheduling across your list of collaborative partners. For example, if a business cancels, we inform other eligible businesses of the cancellation and allow them to fill in.
Split accounting

We make sure every business gets paid out fast.

Businesses have been reluctant to collaborate with one another due to accounting concerns. COVID-19 showed the pains that come with shared accounting, or making a sale on behalf of another business.

Split accounting is our back-end system that automatically tags every ordered item by business and instantly directs funds to the appropriate business's bank account. With us, funds from a sale made on behalf of another business will go to that business's bank, rather than your own.

A full product suite to choose from.

Staff App Phones
The Staff App

Operate on the fly.

The Staff App will be both your team's best friend, and your business's fastest way to capture sales on the fly. And it works on any mobile device.

Instantly update menu items
Start or add items to an existing tab
Manage refunds, discounts and more
Tablet and KDS
Kitchen Display System

Handle digital tickets.

The KDS keeps your BOH team organized, and is your business's fastest way to crank out product. Download the KDS on any tablet.
Receive, manage and complete tickets
View ticket times and other key details
Batch and throttle tickets to control the flow
Dashboard computer
The TableTab Dashboard

Manage from home.

The Dashboard gives you an operational overview. The best part is it's impossibly easy to use on any Desktop.
Host your menus and collaborate with other sellers
Manage employees and permissions
Review your integrations and hardware
Analyze detailed, real-time reporting

Plug us in.

Our printer and tablet integrations plug TableTab right into your existing hardware to maintain your operation. Our software integrations make life even easier.
All printers, including Epson, Star, Citizen
Smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)
Payment partners include Square and Stripe

Collaborative operational tools.

TableTab provides tools allowing merchants to seamlessly collaborate with one another, while maintaining each merchants' independent operation.

Every merchant has their own order flow

Although customers can order from multiple merchants at once, each merchant will receive and fulfill only the items ordered that belong to their menu.

Every merchant gets their money, instantly

TableTab separates the sales, tax, and tip by each ordered item and sends the sum to each merchant.

Every merchant controls their menu

While customers can order from all available menus at once, each menu can be managed and updated in real time by its associated merchant.

TableTab's Square Integration

TableTab provides various payment channels that enable customers to order from multiple merchants at once, maximizing revenue potential and maintaining a streamlined payment experience.

What you can do with Square Integration:

Process sales using a new or existing Square account.
Eliminate transaction fees on individual orders.
Utilize your existing menus and Square reporting tools.
Single stream all of your sales.
Integrate with Square Loyalty.
Use your existing Square hardware (credit card readers and printers).

With Square + TableTab, avoid:

Managing other sellers' menus.
Manual accounting for multi-merchant operations.
Processing fees for additional orders.
Additional monthly fees for key online ordering features.
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Customizable payment channels.

TableTab provides various payment channels that enable customers to order from multiple merchants at once, maximizing revenue potential and maintaining a streamlined payment experience.
Terminal Payments

Start a tab

Take orders and payment at a set location, like a bar, a service counter, or other places where customers line up.

Turn any existing tablet into your terminal.
Take payment across multiple different merchants.
Support cash, card, and contactless payments.
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Staff App Phones
Mobile Payments

Add to a tab

Take orders and payment wherever the customer is, like a specific table or seat.

Works on any smartphone. No expensive new handhelds needed.
Easily upsell by adding to an open tab.
Check tab & item status across tables.
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QR Code Payments

Customers start or add to their own tab

Let customers take their own order and payment when preferred, without needing to line up or wait for staff.
Web based. No app download needed.
Handle peak hours with ease.
Clean & simple design.
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Blog Post
Introducing TableTab - The Collaborative Point-of-Sale Platform

We are excited to introduce the world's first collaborative point-of-sale and management system. Learn how TableTab embraces collaboration to power businesses, enhance experiences, and strengthen communities.

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Learn how a California brewery adopted TableTab to manage their collaborative concept after the COVID-19 pandemic.
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"A staffing stabilizer."

Jay brought TableTab to Oakland United Beerworks to free up staff across their multi-story floor plan and effortlessly integrate visiting food vendors for a streamlined guest experience.

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Jay Smith
Taproom Manager, Oakland United Beerworks
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