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TableTab is a mobile order and payment platform for restaurant guests. We give guests a safe, on-demand dining experience with high-margins for our partners.

Digital menus

Automatic payment

Instant ordering

Completely contactless


We're built from conversations

TableTab started out as an idea. Now it's a platform powered by people like you.

From the mom & pops...

The passion to support single-unit restaurants, family-run businesses, and local restaurant groups.

...to nationwide concepts.

The infrastructure to support regional chains, restaurant franchises, and global brands.


Stories that matter.

Every partner of ours has their story. We featured some of them below.

Cassava's story is one of resiliency. At risk of permanent closure in 2017, the community rallied behind the Balboa Street staple. Today is no different, as Cassava and others are ready to bounce back with TableTab behind them.

Cassava, Outer Richmond, San Franscisco

The men behind Ivy & Coney won't let the pandemic keep them down. In addition to serving guests with TableTab, they're serving other local restaurants with their own delivery company, DC ToGoGo.

Ivy & Coney, Shaw, Washington D.C.

Boston Burger Company is a local landmark for college students and locals alike. With creativity at the core of their offering, the co-owners saw TableTab's platform as a channel to represent their crazy-looking menu items.

Boston Burger Company, Davis Square, Greater Boston

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How does this work?

Guests order with their phones from the table. Orders are sent to your staff. Payment is handled automatically.


Will this work for my restaurant?

Because no two restaurants are the same, TableTab is built to work with any F&B establishment.


How will this impact my front-of-house?

By handling order & payment, servers can safely float between tables and facilitate a top-level experience.


How soon can I get started?

Ready to bounce back? We'll introduce you to the TableTab team and get you going in a week.

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