Collaborative QR Codes Connect Merchants and Increase Sales

Our collaborative QR codes come with a long list of benefits, are easy to use and manage, and should be part of every collaborative operation.

QR codes are one of TableTab’s collaborative point-of-sale payment channels. As mentioned in a previous blog post, they are built for collaborating merchants who are comfortable with a self-service channel effective in increasing sales. TableTab’s collaborative QR codes have many other benefits, too. For example, they:

  • connect merchants’ product catalogs together for a streamlined checkout experience
  • allow customers to avoid busier payment channels, like a long line
  • reduce reliance on staff amidst an industry-wide staffing shortage
  • make it easy to capture incremental sales through on-demand ordering
  • save money on printed menus, a cost that really adds up
  • give customers access to menus that can be changed in real-time
  • can be placed anywhere for selling, from flyers to table tents to window signs
  • bonus: can directly integrate with Square

TableTab’s QR codes are extremely intuitive for customers, designed as a very simple and straightforward checkout process that requires no app or account creation. Even better, our QR codes can connect to an existing order or tab already started by a customer, providing a natural and streamlined experience.

Generating QR Codes

Generating QR codes is extremely simple, easy, and fast. All you have to do is input a number or word in the profile tab of your dashboard, and then a QR code with that number or word will get generated immediately in the QR code tab.

A table number is entered, which automatically generates a QR code

QR codes themselves can be downloaded directly from the dashboard for an easy printing job. Furthermore, merchants can generate as many QR codes as they wish.

Adding Collaborating Merchants to QR Codes

Merchants can add other merchants onto their QR codes. Once collaborating merchants share their product catalogs with each other, they will all appear on a QR code. Customers can how have a streamlined checkout experience via QR code, ordering from multiple merchants at once.

Fulfilling QR Code Orders

Whenever a customer scans and orders via QR code, a ticket will be sent to one or more merchants with a number and/or name associated to that order. This enables staff to run the order to a customer, or alternatively, the customer can come and pick up their order from the merchant(s).

Read our case study on how one TableTab partner used our QR codes to solidify their collaborative operation. 

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